This page will include where I got certain files and who to give credit to. It'll also include a list of all the mods/plugins being used.

Primary Sources


Fabric (Mods)



Paper-Spigot (Plugins)



    ​Console Spam Fix: Removes irrelevant console messages.
    ​DiscordSRV: Link the Minecraft server to a Discord server.
    ​EssentialsX: Basic commands and tools for a server.
    ​EssentialsXChat: Chat formatter.
    ​EssentialsXSpawn: Spawn manager.
    ​Fast Async WorldEdit: Faster version of WorldEdit, which is used to "build" things.
    ​Gson-Spigot: This is for PluginManager to work properly.
    ​LuckPerms: Permissions plugin to give ranks to people.
    ​MyCommand: Create advanced or basic custom commands.
    ​PlaceholderAPI: An API for placeholders, used by many plugins.
    ​PluginManager: Manage plugins, useful if another plugin doesn't have a reload command.
    ​ProtocolLib: A library of protocols.
    ​Vault: API for economy, prefixes, and a ton of other things.
    ​ViaVersion: Allows for versions higher than 1.8.8 (1.8.9+) to join the server (this includes 1.16.5).
    ​WorldEditSelectionVisualizer: See particles around the thing you are selecting with WorldEdit.
    ​WorldGuard Extra Flags: Adds more flags to WorldGuard regions.
    ​WorldMania: World management plugins similar to Multiverse.
    ​WorldGuard: Create protected regions and specify certain flags.
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